Searching for Designer Eyewear? 2017 Trends Buying Guide for The Perfect Pair

Speck-sey is the new sexy!

Eyeglasses are not for the geeks anymore. Remember Mia Thermopolis aka Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries? Or our favorite Caribbean Pirate Johnny Depp in his famous Moscot Lemtosh glasses? Glasses today are not about enabling a clear vision, they are about making a statement!

So much so, that 2017 is hot with trending designer eye-wear glasses for everyone.

Spring is just beginning, which means it’s time for better weather (hopefully), floral everything, and – our favorite – new eyewear fashion trends for 2017. We have been keeping track of everything from Fashion Week to street style and we’re huge fans of everything this season. From geometric frames to stylish updates on the classics, there are so many ways to rock the trendiest styles this spring.

Know the 2017 trends!

There is something for every face. If you want, you can get a better idea of which frames would suit your face style best with this video from Alpha M.

Demand for Eyewear Brands is Real

There is so much demand for having designer eye glasses today, that Eyewear Brands are creating videos which entice users into buying glasses for themselves.

Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck has paired up with the Russian eyewear company FakbyFak to create fashion videos for the release of his new eyewear line “Toy Glasses.” The three videos are named Brutal Love, Total Liquidity, and Self Destruction. Out Magazine explains that the films are “a demonstration of what would likely happen to our Sims if they were left to their own devices in an artsy sex dungeon with a bunch of acid…Beirendonck’s videos employ the talents of performance artists Maria Forque, Salvia and Liza Keane, and are styled in 3D animations created by visual artists Claudia Maté, Ines Alpha and Jennifer Mehigan. They’re influenced by a combination of ’70s punk subcultures, Alice In Wonderland and bizarre makeup techniques”.

Cool right? See all these trippy videos here.

Now that we have successfully convinced you to buy a stylish eye glass for yourself, make the right decision by keeping the basic do’s and don’ts of eyewear shopping.

From a doctorate in optometry, to designing for some of fashion’s major players, to launching his own eyewear line in 2014, Blake Kuwahara is about as well-rounded as they come. A close look at his current line reveals an astounding attention to detail honed by this impressive trajectory.

Having operated in multiple facets of the industry, we recently sat down with Blake to discuss the sometimes daunting task of shopping for new eyewear.

Read the full post here.

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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